Pillow Pals, making pillows for breast cancer patients

Debbie Snapp
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Pillow Pals is a local group of ladies who create handmade pillows, with colorful cases, for cancer patients and survivors.
The ladies meet at 9 a.m. on the second Thursday of every month at the Jefferson Senior Citizens Center. Some Thursdays, there may be three ladies working on sewing machines and 10 stitching the pillows and cases. It's a "come if you want to" gathering of welcoming friends.
Usually, 30 to 60 pillows are completed in a month's time and taken to various cancer centers and agencies, where the pillows will be given to cancer patients in need of comfort.
The pillows are designed to be used when wearing seatbelts, and the smaller pillows are for comfort under the arms - the areas that recently underwent surgeries are usually sore and sensitive. The pillows were sewn by the Pillow Pals group to help cushion the fresh scars from being rubbed or pressed by seatbelts.
The group has been meeting for about two years now. At each meeting, they bring pretty material, sewing machines, needles and lots of thread. Some of the smaller pillows are used as calling cards, with contact information pinned on.
While sewing the pillows, the ladies share ideas for future gatherings and decide who will transport the pillows to local medical centers.
For more information about this group of lovely ladies, contact Linda Henry at (850) 997-6914 or Marilyn Youtzy at (850) 997-4632.
The next meeting is on Thursday, Nov. 13.