Rash of burglaries – One arrested…

Lazaro Aleman
ECB Publishing, Inc.

The Monticello Police Department (MPD) is hopeful that the recent arrest of a burglary suspect halts the rash of thefts that have been plaguing the city.
MPD Chief Fred Mosley late last week announced the arrest of Charles Barrington on an outstanding burglary warrant.
“In a recent string of burglaries throughout the city, officers and investigators were able to identify a suspect,” Mosley told the Monticello News. “In one of the burglaries, jewelry was taken.”
Mosley said that during the course of the investigation, officers were able to develop a lead from one of the burglaries. He said the lead led investigators to retrieve the stolen jewelry and that led them to Barrington.
Authorities charged Barrington with dealing in stolen property, grand theft and burglary of a dwelling during a state of emergency.
Mosley called Barrington’s and the rash of thefts that have been occurring in the city over the past few months “crimes of opportunities.” Meaning that the thief or thieves are taking advantage of residents’ trusting nature when the latter leave their house doors open, their vehicles unlocked or valuable items outside, such as mowers and generators.
He urges city residents to lock vehicle doors, secure house doors, put tools and valuable equipment in the garage or otherwise out of sight and report any suspicious behavior to the police department.
At least three city residents have told the Monticello News of thefts in their neighborhood, going back at least two months. They say items have been lifted from vehicles, their yards, and in at least one instance, an intruder went into a residence whose door was unlocked and rifled through a purse while the home dweller was upstairs.
Anyone with information or who witnesses suspicious behavior is asked to call the MPD at 342-0150.