Razor Performance Riders train in Monticello

Debbie Snapp
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Razor Performance Riding is dedicated to the international development of enhancing people's knowledge in motorcycle maneuvering and traffic safety by introducing advanced riding techniques. Its students focus on 'Rapid Assessment Thought Processing' assessments to avoid hazards.
Jefferson County resident Scott 'Razor' Overstreet is the owner and director of Razor Performance Riding, along with Kim Fincher.
Razor Performance Riding participants and riders practice at the Jefferson County Kennel Club at times throughout the year, usually before a show or prior to the start of a Motorcycle Rodeo. The skill shown by these talented riders can only be achieved with incredible training and dedication.
Three riders flew into Orlando from Brazil recently, then drove their Harley motorcycles to Monticello for the specialized training at Razor Performance Riding and instructors Overstreet and Fincher.
Together they are practicing and preparing for the 115th Anniversary of Harley Davidson Motorcycles, a world cup competition that takes place every five years in Milwaukee, WI. Harley-Davidson’s 115th Anniversary Milwaukee Celebration takes place over Labor Day weekend and includes parties, shows, parades, tours, racing and more. New venues include first-ever motorcycle racing and a heavy dose of moto-culture.
For more information about Razor Performance Riding contact Overstreet at (850) 510-7648 or info@razorperformanceriding.com.