Recognizing the hearts and minds of Jefferson County 4-H at annual banquet

Ashley Hunter
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Another year of Jefferson County 4-H activities and programs has concluded with an awards ceremony and banquet on Saturday, Oct. 12. This annual awards banquet serves as an opportunity to recognize the 4-H youth who achieved great heights throughout the year as well as the many adult and teenaged volunteers who made the programs successful and engaging for the younger participants.
With more than half a million caring adults and youth across America helping young people learn the skills of leadership, citizenship and life skills through 4-H, volunteers are a vital aspect of the national and local 4-H program.
The 2019 volunteers were the first to be recognized during the awards ceremony.
Awarded were: Tonya Bell, Melissa Watson, Ann Herrings, Tina Hollie, Lil Odom, Natikka Hall, Jonas Hall, Johnnie Pelt, Martha Pryor, Jacqueline Seabrooks, Emmerald Graham, Pastor Kass Brooks, Kathy Campbell, Ruth Ann Scurry, Lillie Mae Gardner, Carolyn Andrews, Janie Massey, Jacqueline Harvey, Rev. John Hicks, Angela Scurry, Jarkey Miles, Sandra Gilley, Earnestine Raines, Alfred Raines and George Pittman.
After each volunteer had been recognized, club leader Ruth Ann Scurry presented her Hickory Hill 4-H club members with a token of recognition and gratitude for the club's wonderful year of 4-H; after Scurry's presentation, club leader Tammy Brookins did the same for her Explorer’s
4-H Club.
4-H’er Abigail Boyd then took to the podium to provide an expression of “thank-you” to the club leaders who had supported the various
4-H clubs throughout the year. Boyd's presentation was on behalf of all 4-H youth, and preceded a brief award ceremony for each club's leaders:
Explorer’s 4-H Club: Heather Boyd, Tammy Brookins and Jennifer Gove.
Working Soldiers 4-H Club: Dr. Dawanda Skipworth, April Holmes, Dr. Ann Reddick and Angela Nelson.
Hickory Hill 4-H Club: Ruth Ann Scurry, Carolyn Andrews, Kathy Campbell, Lillie Mae Gardner, Endia Thomas, Sandra Gilley, Earnestine Raines, Alfred Raines, Michelle Pelt, Bruce Denson, Sr. and Gladys Neely.
From there, a trophy and certification ceremony was commenced for the individual 4-H youth who had been involved in the year's programs, classes and competitions.
Awarded in the Clover Bud and Junior Division were: Petra Brookins, Adolia Scott, Michaela Jones, Patrick Parrish, Barbara Darity, Maggie Walker, Tessia Brookins, Nicholas Brookins, Miranda Hall, Corey Hatchett, Lay’Lonnie Johnson, Briana Ingram, Hayden Dever, Dyna Boucher, Za’auna Cockfield, Carlasia Pittman, Cain Kyler and Leonardo Rivera.
Awarded in the Intermediate division were: Johnathan Youngblood, Samantha Hall, Serenity Murray, Sha’Qaysia Mosley, Jason Mosley, Zaniya Parrish, Finley Boyd, Reid Brookins, Abigail Loveless, Naila Hill, Julius Darity, Madison Reed, Brianna Wilson and Criyana Lewis.
Awarded in the Senior Division were: Jada Mosley, Jason Brookins,Sarah Crandall, Valandria Polite, Brianna Crumity, Jeremiah Norton, Kathryn Creamer, Jamichael Steen, Alexander Seabrooks, Starrlynn Gamble, Altavia Anderson, Adam Hicks, Brianna Wilson, Alythia Reed, Hailea Fender-Boucher and Emily Loveless.
After all awards, certificates and trophies had been presented, the banquet moved on to it's final matter of business – installing a new body of officers to lead the Jefferson County 4-H Teen Council.
The past president, Sarah Crandall, was also given a Past President Award for her devotion to the duties and responsibilities of serving as the board's president over the 2018-19 year.
Leading the council in the upcoming 2019-20 year are: Jada Mosley as president, Maggie Boyd as vice-president, Abigail Boyd as secretary, Valandria Polite as assistant secretary, Jacari Mosley as treasurer, Madison Reed as sergeant-at-arms and both Jason Brookins and Jamichael Steen as the council's district delegates.
Closing remarks were provided by 4-H Director John Lilly before the banquet and awards ceremony came to its conclusion.