Remembering Sheriff David Hobbs

JCSO installs decals in honor of former sheriff

Ashley Hunter
ECB Publishing, Inc.

After eight years of serving Jefferson County as its beloved sheriff, David C. Hobbs passed away on November 27, 2017 after a valiant battle against cancer.
Sheriff Hobbs' death left a hole in the community, as well as the sheriff's office itself and two years after Hobbs' passing, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office continues to remember the man who led them for eight years.
On Monday, Nov. 25, current Jefferson County Sheriff Mac McNeill announced that his department will be remember Hobbs and Hobbs' legacy through a window decals that will be placed on every vehicle owned by the sheriff's office.
The decal, which is a circular sheriff's badge in black and gold, bears Hobbs' name as well as the former sheriff's date of passing.
The decals will be placed on the back windows of all departmental vehicles – including any vehicle which the agency purchases in the future.
This act, Sheriff McNeill says, is a reminder of the contributions that his predecessor made to the agency as well as the Jefferson County community as a whole.
While the decals were purchased for use within the sheriff's office, the agency will also be selling individual memorial decals for $5 each to anyone in the community who would like to take part in the memory of Sheriff Hobbs' life and endeavors.
The funds obtained through purchased decals will be placed in the sheriff's office's charitable funds account and will only be used to purchase additional decals for future sheriff's office vehicles.
Anyone who would like to purchase a memorial decal is asked to contact Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Dawn Stiff at (850) 997-2287.