Santa’s Red Hat Helpers ready for Christmas

Lynette Veit
ECB Publishing, Inc.

The theme for the Red Hat Ladies' December meeting was “Santa's Helpers,” so it was a colorful, decked-out group that gathered at the Rev Cafe on chilly Saturday for lunch while they shared favorite childhood Christmas stories.
Dianne Braren, hostess of the December meeting, distributed gifts of candy stuffed into empty toilet paper rolls wrapped in bright Christmas paper, as she shared her story of the “duht-de-duh.”
Growing up in a very poor family in the Bronx, she and her siblings made toys out of anything that came to hand, including empty toilet paper rolls - magical trumpets they would blow through with a “duht-de-duh” sound. There was only one empty roll at a time and they would play with it until it wore out. Each morning, the child who woke up and got to the “duht-de-duh” first was the king or queen for the day, and it was years before Braren realized empty toilet paper rolls were called anything else other than “duht-de-duhs.”
Christmas makes a big impression on many childhoods, and maybe that's why this is the time of year when favorite memories some to the fore...whether it's playing with duht-de-duhs or spending Christmas Eve after supper rushing outside in the dark at every imagined noise on the roof or in the yard, hoping to catch a glimpse of the flying reindeer and sleigh before they disappeared into the night.
Merry Christmas from Santa's Red Hat Helpers.