Step by Step: local fitness teams recognized during Let’s Walk Florida challenge

Debbie Snapp
ECB Publishing, Inc.

The recent Let's Walk Florida (LWF) Challenge was a motivating and learning experience for all who participated and for those who attended the wrap-up celebration that was held in the second week of October.
Jefferson County Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences Julianne Shoup Dinkel was this year's Let's Walk Florida Leader for the area.
On Thursday, Oct. 10, Dinkel began the wrap-up celebration by announcing that everyone who submitted minutes of moderate physical activity for nine of the 12-week challenge would be presented with certificates and medals. First-place teams and first place solo walkers received additional prizes.
Overall Total Minutes First Place Winners were: Suki Chamber of Team Striders, for performance, 21,295 minutes; April Holmes of Team Weight Warriors, for health, 16,750 minutes; and Dave Shoup of Team Sole Survivors, for fitness, 27,027 minutes.
Second Place Winners were: Jackie Clemens of Team Striders, for performance, 12,774 minutes; Floyd Faglie, a Solo Walker, for health, 11,102 minutes; and John Jones of Team Get Along Gang, for fitness, 15,090 minutes.
Third Place Winners were: Pam Beck of Team FDOH-Jefferson, for performance, 10,555 minutes; Tina Rosmini of Team Vintage Steppers, for health, 9,423 minutes; and Chuck Chambers of Team Monticello Rotary #1, for fitness, 8,785 minutes. Chambers also worked up to 1,000 sit-ups in an hour. Good job, Chuck!
Winning Teams were: Weight Warriors, for health, 40,296 minutes and Vintage Steppers, for health, 21,030 minutes; Sole Survivors, for fitness, 42,888 minutes and Lions Roar, for fitness, 30,031 minutes; and Striders, for performance, 65,185 minutes and FDOH-Jefferson County, for performance, 23,498 minutes.
At the closing of the recognition celebration, Dinkel reminded the teams and solo participants to stay fit and keep active.
"Just because the challenge is over doesn't mean your activity should end," said Dinkel. "I encourage you to keep up the new habits you have created and keep walking Florida for your health! Good job, everyone!"
She also mentioned that the LWF Facebook group would continue to remain active and available for use and encouraged all participants to continue sharing their successes and challenges.
After the wrap-up celebration, Dinkel invited everyone for a guided walking tour of the Jefferson County Extension Office property; it was a brisk 20-minute walk.
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