Stopping the madness

We are privileged to witness the end of Western Civilization, the creation of which has brought to peoples of the world numerous benefits including advances in transportation, food production, medical procedures and, most important, the concept of democracy wherein 'average' people are considered to have value. The threat to this marvelous creation comes from the loss of the 'rule of law', from the lack of individual integrity, the loss of honesty in virtually all spheres of modern life - everywhere.
Western countries, i.e., those countries that were founded by White, mostly ethnic European peoples, in their formation virtually all adhered to the 'rule of law' as passed by representatives 'of the people' through some form of democratic process, most laws following the 'Ten Commandments' to a large degree. Violation of the 'Commandments' with impunity results in the loss of civil society and will eventually cause a nation to devolve into a dictatorial police state as 'the people' demand the government do something to stop uncivilized behavior by the unlawful.
One of the most serious threats is posed by the influx of uninvited aliens flooding across the borders of Western nations with no end in sight as the political operatives in those nations support the invasions. The invaders, with or without children, will never be assets to the nation they invade. They do not believe in or practice the 'rule of law'! Those invading the United States of America through the porous southern border come from 'democracies' that have been in existence since around 1820, nearly as long as the U.S. has existed. What have they done with their democratic freedoms?
While countries such as Honduras, El Salvador, Bolivia, etc., have an abundance of natural resources and long growing seasons, everything needed to form successful and prosperous nations, they have contributed nothing to the betterment of the world or mankind. They are technological and humanitarian wastelands, their human refuse rarely or never becoming useful citizens wherever they settle. The cost to host nations for the support of these invaders is nearly incalculable when all aspects of their being are considered.
From the beginning at the border they are fed, provided medical treatment, housed, provided 'free' education, provided 'free' legal representation and incarcerated at great expense when caught committing further crimes against the host population, all of which provides no benefit whatever to the host providers. Of the relative few who bother to actually work at some kind of legal job, their acceptance of (tax-free) low wages undercuts the ability of citizens working at low-skilled jobs to earn a living wage. This abominal situation was caused by and is perpetuated by the ruling two-party clique that has been in power for over 150 years!
Can something be done to stop the madness?

Jack Shelley