STORM WATCH: summer classes close, sandbags offered ahead of storm

During the Monday, July 8 meeting of the Jefferson County School Board, Superintendent Marianne Arbulu announced upcoming summer school closures, in regards to the storm system that will be entering Jefferson County later this week.

According to Arbulu, she had spoken with Jefferson Somerset Principal Cory Oliver and the decision had been made to cancel the Thursday, July 11 summer school classes for third graders.

“EOC (Emergency Operations Center) doesn't want any buses on the road,” said Arbulu. “They really don't know what to expect with this [storm] or how severe it is going to be.”

The closure of summer classes takes place as Jefferson County braces against a non-tropical weather system that is moving south towards the Gulf of Mexico.

By Wednesday, The National Hurricane Center expects that the system will stall over the warm waters of the northeastern Gulf of Mexico and will gradually become better organized; it is expected that the storm system will likely become a tropical depression or tropical storm on Thursday, July 11 or Friday, July 12.

Jefferson County Emergency Management will be offering sandbags to county residents on Wednesday, July 10.

Sandbags can be collected at the emergency management office, located at 1456 S. Jefferson St., from 8-11 a.m.

Residents will be limited to 10 sandbags per household.