Strange man found sleeping in woman’s bed

Ashley Hunter
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Two women who had visited the home of a local woman a received a fright when they discovered a strange man sleeping in the bedroom of the resident.
On Friday, April 12, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office's (JCSO) Corporal Anthony Adamczyk responded to a call that had referenced a recent burglary of a home in the Jefferson Arms Apartments complex.
While in route, Cpl. Adamczyk received a description of the subject and was informed that the black male, wearing a red shirt and white shorts, was leaving the apartment through the back door.
Upon arrival, Cpl. Adamczyk made contact with the complainant and a witness, who was also the mother of the leaseholder.
According to statements provided by both women, the two had gone into the apartment in order to move some of the leaseholder's items from the residence.
After entering the home, the two began to converse about what they needed to move and after about 10 minutes in the home, they made their way into the leaseholder's bedroom – it was there that they discovered a black male, later identified as Kelvontae Lavon Odom, sleeping in the bed of the home's leaseholder.
The witness stated that she began to shout at Odom, telling him to get out and that he was not allowed to be in the apartment; after awakening, Odom attempted to explain that he knew the home's resident and that he had been “left here”.
The witness continued to tell Odom to leave and then watched as he walked out the rear door and began to walk away, headed west.
At that time, the complainant called the JCSO.
While Cpl. Adamczyk made contact with the complainant and witness, Investigators Alan Camper and Colby Bethae located the subject (based on the description provided by the two women) walking west on First Street, approaching Park Avenue.
Cpl. Adamczyk transported the complainant to the location where Odom had been spotted, and she positively identified him as the male they had discovered sleeping on the leaseholder's bed.
After returning to the Jefferson Arms Apartment complex, the leaseholder's mother/the witness claimed that she could not determine whether any items had been moved or taken from the apartment.
The leaseholder's mother also claimed that she and the complainant wanted to continue moving the resident's items out of the house, although Cpl. Adamczyk halted their progress long enough to process the apartment and take photographs of the scene.
The two women were advised to also install new locks on the doors.
After collecting statements from the two women, Investigator Camper made contact with a former roommate of the victim, whom Odom had claimed to have obtained permission from in order to stay in the apartment.
At 12:30 p.m., Inv. Camper spoke with the former roommate, who denied ever giving Odom permission to stay in the residence, and that he had not seen Odom in some time.
Investigator Camper was also able to contact the leaseholder, who stated that she had not provided Odom with the permission required to enter and stay in her home while she was away.
Based on the sworn and verbal statements provided by the multiple parties, Cpl. Adamczyk placed Odom under arrest for violation of Florida Statute 810.02 (3a).
Kelvontae Odom was charged with burglary to an occupied structure – unarmed and transported to the Jefferson County Jail without further incident.