Supporting businesses and charities in our town

Dear Editor,
I've just returned from Two Sisters - our local haven for artisans in Jefferson County - to pick up my share of the sales for December. I was pretty excited because this month my proceeds were destined to go to Refuge House and I was anxious to know if it could be better than my usual income.
Sandra has changed the store recently to allow artists to have their own booths. She thought my little decorative bowls made of polymer clay would gather more attention if they were all together. She has been my guru in this experiment of selling what I love to make. She's advised me well this past year. She encouraged me to give my December profits to Refuge House. Today I discovered that sales TRIPLED. Apparently many people had seen the article in the paper about the donation which Ashley Hunter wrote. Sandra said they had mentioned it when they came to see the shop; many even buying other gifts in time for Christmas.
Imagine my delight when today I could write a check to Refuge House for $304.90. Imagine how even more delighted I was when Nan informed me that Sandra has also given her commission from my work! It makes me so happy to think that there are people who are moved by the misfortune of others and will step up when given the opportunity.
Let's all support our businesses and charities in our town.
Thank you Ashley Hunter for writing that article!

Oona Fessenden