The miracle of Fletcher Fato

Ashley Hunter
ECB Publishing, Inc.

“When Fletcher was six months old, I noticed that his left eye had just a slight twitch,”

said Joanna Fato, beginning the story that would forever change the Fato Family.
Adam and Joanna Fato, both Monticello residents, welcomed their second son, Fletcher, in early 2016 after five years of marriage and two and a half years of parenting their first son, Brooks.
Six months after Fletcher’s birth, however, Joanna Fato, an RN at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, observed a twitch in Fletcher’s left eye, and the couple decided to contact their son's pediatrician on Tuesday morning, July 12, 2016.
The family's pediatrician recommended that the Fato family take Fletcher to be seen by a specialty eye physician – an ophthalmologist. In turn, the ophthalmologist reassured the Fato's that everything was fine with Fletcher, though he did refer them to a neurologist, just to be certain.
“They told us everything was fine. We were then sent to a neurologist, who again said everything was fine,” said Joanna.
They were informed that Fletcher’s eye twitch could just be congenital nystagmus, which could be settled later in Fletcher’s life with eyeglasses; the Fato's were told that they had nothing to worry about.
Regardless, the family pediatrician pressed Adam and Joanna Fato to take Fletcher in for a cautionary MRI to rule out any potential neurological intricacies.


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