The wonders of the Scholastic Book Fair: Jefferson County schools hold book fairs for students

Ashley Hunter
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Students at both Aucilla Christian Academy and Jefferson Somerset were able to select new books to take home and read at last week's Scholastic Book Fair.
At Jefferson Somerset, the annual book fair began on Thursday, April 25, continuing onto the next week and ending on Thursday, May 2; throughout those six days, Tiger students could visit the Media Center with their guardians, class or teachers and browse the selection of Scholastic Press books that were being offered at discounted prices alongside special deals for students who bought more than one items.
Meanwhile, Aucilla Christian Academy hosted their Scholastic Book Fair from Monday, April 29 through Friday, May 3 in the school's library.
At both fairs, librarians and volunteers worked hard to check out the students who were clutching the glossy covers of their newest novels or informational picture books pertaining to science, technology, nature and more.
For over 30 years, Scholastic Book Fairs have been an exciting function for school students; clutching their plastic baggies filled with their book fair funds, young students are given a taste of independence as they browse the shelves filled with middle grade chapter books and elementary picture books.
Either accompanied by parents or browsing the selections on their own, the students were able to pick their own books and exchange money for their own reading material.
In addition to books, students who attended were able to choose classroom materials such as pencils and erasers as well as fun trinkets, bookmarks and reading or gaming inspired posters.
More than one student, while waiting in line for their turn to purchase their selected baubles and books, expressed excitement for summer break to begin so they could delve into their new stack of reading material, while many others offered funds to friends and siblings in order to buy books for one another.
During the end of April and beginning of May, Jefferson County's students joined the long, over 30-year lineage of excited students who walked away from their school's book fair, holding new books to their chest, eager for the chance to delve into new worlds and knowledge.