Thomasville YMCA tours Monticello

Ashley Hunter
ECB Publishing, Inc.

On Friday, November 30, the Thomasville YMCA Senior Group made a visit to Jefferson County, where they toured various establishments in the county, as well as one of Monticello’s historic homes.
Starting their trip off, the group visited the Florida-Georgia Citrus packing house, located off of Boston Highway.
The YMCA members were able to tour the packing house and learn more about the ways that the Monticello-based citrus facility is able to produce and package various citrus products, such as jams, jellies, and syrups, through cold-hardy oranges, tangerines and satsumas from citrus growers in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.
After visiting Florida-Georgia Citrus, the tour group made their way into Monticello, where they were given a tour of the Avera-Clarke House, located off W. Washington Street.
Homeowners and City Councilman Troy Avera and Gretchen Avera provided a tour of their historic home to the tour members. The tour also served to provide the group with a brief history of the City of Monticello itself.
According to Kim Smith, a director at the Thomasville YMCA, the organization seeks to provide approximately four tour trips a year to their members, although this is the first trip that the Thomasville “Y” has held in Monticello.
“We serve a lot of people in Monticello, however,” adds Smith.
After the group had concluded their tour activities, the group dispersed downtown, with the tour members being able to go their own way for lunch dining at either The Rev Cafe or Brickhouse Eatery as well as shopping throughout the various downtown businesses.
“We had such a great time,” said Smith. “We really enjoyed ourselves.”
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