Tigers’ Head Coach Smith fired

Head coach for the Jefferson County K-12 Somerset High School Tigers, Leroy Smith, has been fired from his position as head coach, as of Thursday, Aug. 8.

Smith, who coached the Tigers for the last two years, was reportedly removed from his position as head coach on the morning of Aug. 8.

Smith was fired by Somerset Principal Cory Oliver, who, in a statement released to WCTV, said: "Jefferson K-12: a Somerset School recently terminated their head football coach, Leroy Smith. We appreciate all of the things Coach Smith did for the children of the community. While we cannot comment on any specifics, we are completely committed to offering the players of Jefferson K-12 a full football program for this upcoming season."


Leroy Smith, a Gadsden County native and former athlete under the National Football League (NFL), has previously played for the Chicago Bears as cornerback. In 2018, Smith was recognized as Coach of the Year by the Florida Athletic Coaches Association (FACA).

The Tigers are scheduled to play their first game of the year on Friday, Aug. 23 against Tallahassee's St. John Paul II Panthers.

As of press deadline, no information has been received pertaining to who will take up the mantle as the Tiger's head coach, nor the cause behind Smith's firing.

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