Tigers will be recognized at Jefferson Football Sunday

Article Courtesy Of Brian Saylor, Elizabeth Baptist Church Youth Pastor

One of my favorite times of the year when I was growing up was this time of back to school. I would absolutely love to go shopping for all new, pens, pencils, folders, trapper keepers and clothes – it was my Christmas growing up. I can still smell the plastic pencil pouches in the stores while shopping for the new year. There is something special about new beginnings in a person’s life. No matter what phase of life you are in, there are always beginnings and endings of chapters in our lives. We love starting something new. It seems like more and more of our lives revolve around the school year calendar. So, at this time of the year, we begin a new chapter. This school year will issue us into a new decade, 2020! The encouragement is during the school year to allow the Holy Spirit to work in your life and your families’ lives. Do not fall into the trap of enabling busyness to rule your schedule. There will never be anything that is more important than spending time with God and spending time with your church family. All of this is what matters most in the life of a Christian. I am excited about the many great blessings that God is going to do in our church and with our church members. I believe that something great will happen this year. Are you prepared? Is your heart ready to receive God’s blessing? Just like the time spent getting new school supplies, let us agree to spend time preparing to meet with God. Let us make sure that our agenda is not full of selfish desires and events that pull us from God. Let us make time for devotions and family time in prayer. Let us not forsake the assembly together in church services and activities. Jefferson Football Sunday will be held on Sunday, Aug. 11, at Elizabeth Baptist Church, located at 4124 Bassett Dairy Rd. Our church family will host the Jefferson Somerset football team during the Morning Worship Service, and lunch will be served immediately following the service, at about noon. There will be fried chicken, and the church members will prepare and bring their favorite side dish, salad and dessert to share. We can ensure that this special service will be a time of good food and Christian fellowship. The community is invited to attend this very special annual Sunday. Also beginning once again this school year will be the Wednesday Children’s Programs, starting on Aug. 21. TeamKids will start at 3 p.m. (bus pickup will be immediately after school from Aucilla Christian Academy). Church-wide dinner will be held at 5 p.m., with the RA’s and GA’s and Mission Friends starting at 6 p.m. Youth Discipleship will also begin at 6 p.m. as well. For more information about any of the afore scheduled events, contact Brian Saylor at brian@ebcmonticello.com. “Bryan Saylor is Families & Missions Director for Elizabeth Baptist Church. For more information about church services and programs, call the church office at (850) 997-4444 or go to ebcmonticello.com.