Time for changes

Dear Editor:
Astonished once again. Prior to October 01, 2019, I believed the longer a commissioner and council member remained elected the better. Consistency and accountability. This is no longer the case.
I encourage every voter in Jefferson County to re-evaluate every person they have elected and intend to re-elect. It’s time for changes. Massive changes.
The negative demeanor of Mayor John Jones was unbecoming toward citizens, during the November 5, 2019, city council meeting, who spoke or requested to speak regarding the “Toll Road,” and, improving a city street with storm water drainage issues. Jones made it obvious he did not want to discuss the “Toll Road.” And, he attempted to keep one citizen from speaking, an act contrary to Florida law. As it related to the street and drainage issue, which was an agenda item, Jones interests…the minutes the citizen spoke.
However, Council member Julie Connelly did comment. But, she had the wrong street. Not the street being discussed. Not the one on the agenda, but rather, “Pearl Street.” Connelly asked “is Pearl still on for 2020?” a non-agenda item. Yes, re-surfacing Pearl Street. Her street. The street she lives on. Should she not know it is still on as a council member? I do. Again, self-serving?
Then off to the Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), meeting. The “Toll Road,” which will be detrimental to Jefferson County, should our county be the route, remains a major topic of concern and rightfully so. And, November 07, 2019, would be no different except BOCC Chair Betsy Barfield was asked to “resign,” her position as a county commissioner due to her failures to represent Jefferson County, and her “no show,” as a guest speaker at a prescheduled “Toll Road,” event.
Barfield was scheduled more than one month in advance. She offered no comment or reason for her “failure to show,” as the “task force representative,” pertaining to the Toll Road. Barfield’s only comment, “I am not resigning.”
Moments later she made light of her resignation request, when she asked a citizen if a city council member(s) had been asked to resign too. Her brief laughter stopped after she was asked yet again to resign her position from the BOCC. This time regarding her acts, which may lead to misappropriating taxpayer funds. She again replied, more harshly, “I AM NOT RESIGNING.”
Again, Barfield offered no further comment or if her willful violations had been corrected. Stayed tuned. Watch for Friday’s addition of “Watching the Finances.”

W. Clayton Tolbert,