To dance or not to dance!

We want to express to everyone who receives this paper an apology for some of the adults who attend the local dance on Friday nights. We are very sorry.
We have an 82 year old dear friend who has been attending these dances every Friday for three years. She loves to fast dance, not hump dance or dirty dance. These last few months she has been talked about and harassed because of her dancing, from all the “Holier Than Thou” people there.
Our friend has two major important things in her life now that her husband has passed away… the dance and her church. One of these two things is now being taken away from her because of too many so-called Christians. We just don't think this is a very Christian thing to do, to treat an 82-year-old this way. It's wrong!!!
Hopefully this will come back to haunt them. But, only time and God knows that answer.

Betsy Fortune, April M. Haas and
Dianne Knecht