Tour the springtime countryside with the Monticello Bike Fest!


Ashley Hunter, ECB Publishing Inc.

Cycling and outdoor enthusiasts! Get ready, the 4th Annual
Monticello Bike Fest will be pedaling into Jefferson County on Saturday, May 12.
The bike fest, which is hosted by the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, will be offering four different bike routes during the ride. Three of the routes are the Century (100 miles), the Metric Century
(60 miles), and the Half-Metric Century (30 miles). The cost to register early for these three routes is $50, with the registration fee upping to $55 on the day of the fest.
The fourth route is the 10-mile, casual Family Ride. Currently, registration for the Family Ride is $15, but registration will rise to $20 on the day of the Monticello Bike Fest.
The Century Route will take cyclers from the starting point in Monticello, down into Aucilla, up into Ashville, before heading west, back through Monticello and towards Miccosukee. Cyclers will skirt Lake Miccosukee, head down past Lloyd to Wacissa, before bringing their trek back in through Waukeenah, and returning to Monticello. Some of the highlights for this route beautiful canopy and country roads, acres of farmland (including Honey Lake Plantation) and low traffic.
The Metric Century Route cyclers will travel through much of the same beginning turf as the Century cyclers. The Metric Century Route will bring cyclers east out of Monticello, down near Aucilla before heading up into Ashville and returning towards Monticello. From there, cyclers will travel northwest above Lake Miccosukee to Alma, and keeping above the lake, cyclers will turn south and return to Monticello. Rolling countryside, rural canopy roads and a selection of beautiful, asphalt roads will delight cyclers of this route.
The Half-Metric Century route is a simple back-and-forth ride taking cyclers through Ashville Hwy, down Bassett Dairy Road, back through U.S. 90 and up CR 243 before beginning the return trek. Acres of lovely farmland and abundant spring wildflowers lining the route will immerse cyclers in the rural trek through Jefferson County.
The Bike Fest will start at 7 a.m., at 420 W. Washington St. To view maps out the routes, to register or to learn more about the Monticello Bike Fest, visit or Contact Chamber Director Katrina Richardson at (850) 997-5552 for more details.