Track Boys are #1

Debbie Snapp
ECB Publishing, Inc.

The Jefferson Somerset Cross Country Track & Field Boys Team came in first place in the Bluebird Run, at the Alford Greenway, at the very end of Pedrick Road in Tallahassee.
The Girls Team came in second place.
Coach Harry Jacobs thanks all the players for their accomplishments and is excited about their recent win.
Young Tiger Jamichael Steen came in first place in the Boys Team, in his 15-19 age group. He came in second place overall.
Matthew Steen placed second in the Boys Team age group 15-19, and fourth place overall.
Elias Vargas placed third in the Boys Team age group 15-19, and fifth place overall.
Family and community friends are encouraged to get involved in what these young athletes are accomplishing. There are lots of ways to do this. By donating water, Gatorade, fruit, chips, granola bars, fruit bars or money you can help these Tigers become Champions. Contact Sherry Hawk Gray Holland at (850) 408-8658. Every little thing you do to encourage these students is appreciated.