Tree Debris: Part Two

The more I think about the Solid Waste Department Head and the County Commission for stopping the dumping tree debris at 2 of its sites. I have been using the new Monticello site for over 30 years and now the Solid Waste Department wants me and all other taxpaying users to haul our debris to the south end of the county.
I am not sure if the county charges me taxes and not letting me use it is legal. Perhaps the Commission should check on it before they bend over backward to please the Department Head.
If I am stopped from using my dump site for my tree debris I intend to contact the warden at the prison, the Superintendent of Corrections and the Govenor to have using inmate labor stopped. The prisons and inmates get nothing for their work. If they are removed then the regular employees will have to work instead of watching inmates do the work.
The Commission and Department Heads need to realize we pay their salaries and they work for us – we don't work for them.

Dick Peel