Trees of Remembrance

Debbie Snapp
ECB Publishing, Inc.

Big Bend Hospice Trees of Remembrance are located in all eight service counties. In Monticello the trees have been placed at FMB and at The Mays House.
The trees may be decorated with a selection of decorations beginning on November 27 through the holiday season. Bells, bows, angels, and other ornaments placed on the trees generate more than $50,000 annually to support services such as music therapy, support groups, counseling, and charity care.
The Tree of Remembrance provides an alternative to traditional holiday gifts. It provides a time to remember and celebrate the lives of those we love, and at the same time, helps Big Bend Hospice provide care, comfort and hope to those who need us most.
Placing a single ornament on the Tree of Remembrance might seem like a small act, but all of the ornaments add up to have a major impact. For 20+ years, donors and supporters have provided care and comfort to families facing a life-limiting illness through this annual program.
Each ornament represents someone who was loved, as well as someone who will receive compassionate care because of your gift.
The tree is a holiday tradition. Families come, write special messages on the ornaments, and take pictures. It's really something special for families to do together.
Honor your loved ones and support compassionate care this year, this act will make your heart feel better and make your holiday even better.