Two arrested on meth charges

Ashley Hunter
ECB Publishing, Inc.

On Sunday, Feb. 17, an out-of-town man and woman were both arrested on various drug charges after being apprehended by Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO) deputies.
On the above date, at around 1:07 p.m., JCSO Deputy Burrus and Deputy Adamczyk were dispatched to Highway 90 after Jefferson County dispatchers had received multiple 911 calls that advised of a recklessly traveling vehicle on the highway.
Monticello Police Department's Officer Sheats assisted Deputy Adamczyk with conducting a traffic stop of the vehicle after Deputy Adamczyk observed the vehicle make an improper turn into a business located on W. Washington Street.
Officer Sheats made contact with the driver, who identified himself as Colby Miachael Moore.
Deputy Burrus looked up the name in the Driver and Vehicle Information Database and determined that the driver had provided a false name.
The driver, who was later properly identified as Cayson Munroe Moore, 25, of Quincy, FL, was asked to step out of the vehicle.
Deputy Burrus conducted a search of Moore's person and located a clear bag containing a clear, “crystal-like” substance, as well as a clear, glass pipe in Moore's pockets.
While being detained, Moore actively attempted to pull away from Deputy Burrus before he was escorted to a patrol vehicle.
Meanwhile, the passenger of the vehicle was identified as Nikki Lynn Carlton, 34, of Tallahassee.
According to the arrest report issued by the JCSO, a syringe was laying on the passenger side floorboard of the vehicle, in “plain view.”
A search of the vehicle revealed that a black backpack located in the trunk of the car contained five pseudoephedrine pills, four AA lithium batteries, and an unused cold pack.
Due to Deputy Burrus' Clandestine Methamphetamine Lab training, he was able to identify the items as ingrediants used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.
In the same black backpack, two pairs of pliers were located.
The arrest report states that pliers are frequently used for the cutting and unwrapping of batteries in order to obtain the lithium inside the batteries.
Neither Carlton nor Moore would offer a statement regarding the backpack or the items in the backpack, but both had equal access to the trunk of the vehicle.
Carlton was arrested for three counts of unlawful possession of listed chemicals.
The substance that had been discovered in Moore's pockets were field tested and returned positive for 1.1 grams of methamphetamine. The pipe that was discovered on Moore's person was also swabbed and field tested and too was returned positive for methamphetamine.
Moore was evaluated and cleared by EMS before being arrested on charges of possession/sale of controlled substance – methamphetamine (one count) and unlawful possession of listed chemical (three counts).
Both Moore and Carlton were transported and booked into the Jefferson County Jail.