What do I do if?

The holidays are here once again, and those stoves are hot. Beans, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese are all boiling at a high temperature of 212º Fahrenheit. Most of us know to take precaution when dealing with a hot surface, but what do you do if your stove gets too hot? Dealing with stove-top fires are risky and have to be handled correctly and carefully. Here is what you need to do if your stove-top catches fire this holiday seasons!
• Alarm: Call 911 immediately if you encounter a stove-top fire. Seconds matter when a fire is boiling due to the fact that any fire can spread anywhere quickly.
• Remove Oxygen: Oxygen is fuel to the fire. If a fire is brewing in your pot, put a lid on it to smother the fire. Without oxygen, the fire will go out quickly.
• Turn it off: Turn off the heat. More heat equals more fire. The cool and combustion combination will starve the fire.
• Douse it: Baking soda normally smothers a fire. If you do not have baking soda, try using flour, cake mix, or any dry, thick powder in your kitchen.
• Leave the pot: Do NOT touch the pot to try and move it to a 'safe' location. You could be burned by the hot metal or the oil could splash on you. You could receive severe burns.
One thing you should never do is pour water on a burning pot. Cooking oil burns at 520 degrees Fahrenheit. Liquid water poured into that temperature instantly turns into steam, expanding tremendously. One cup of water will make 100 gallons of steam. Expansion of steam increased the surface area of burning oil and will make the fire bigger. Please, stay safe and think smart!