What’s in your forest?

Here’s what they found in the Apalachicola National Forest Cleanup

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Lynette Norris
ECB Publishing, Inc.

What does the name “Apalachicola National Forest” conjure up for you?
Probably not discarded tires, mattresses, furniture, television sets, piles of construction debris and ripped open bags of household garbage, but that’s what volunteers hauled away during the March 4, 2017 Apalachicola Forest Cleanup.
Every year, under the sponsorship of the Apalachicola National Forest, Leon County, and the Forest Edge Neighborhood, volunteers gather and remove tons of trash from the forest.
This year, another group, the Highway 20 group, also had several dozen people, plus assistance from an inmate crew, cleaning out another section of the forest. Additionally, the Off Highway Vehicle group has also begun yearly cleanup efforts in conjunction with the Forest Edge Neighborhood, as well as doing forest cleanups efforts in Wakulla County for the last four years.
Florida’s forests support a wide range of plants, wildlife and recreational activities for the people who enjoy them.  Unfortunately, because of their remote locations, many of them also end up as illegal dumping grounds.  The volunteer cleanup groups are working to stem the tide of garbage, raise environmental awareness and keep their forests clean and safe for the sake of the environment and future generations of Floridians.
The photos show some of the piles of trash the volunteers discovered during the 2017 cleanup effort.
This is just a portion of one forest in one county in one state.
What’s in your forest?