White privilege – is it real?

One of the latest attacks on Western Civilization is the odious cry of "White privilege" in many of our tax-payer subsidized, White-people-founded universities, universities that openly discriminate against White people through Affirmative Action and other 'minority' preferred programs.
There is now a renewed call for 'reparations' for the descendants of African slaves. The problems with that idea is that no living person has been enslaved in America and therefore not harmed by Americans now living. A second problem is that the European monarchies were the primary conductors of, and beneficiaries of, the African slave trade, several of those monarchies still in existence (England, Spain, Netherlands in particular). The 'reparationists' need to seek satisfaction in those quarters (and maybe get a productive job!).
Many universities have adopted policies that exclude the Constitution by abolishing free speech and the right to peaceably assemble (1st Amendment), firearms (2nd Amendment), and heaven only knows what other measures they've taken to suppress (mostly) Whites. One wonders who granted the administrators the authority to do such a thing.
One also wonders how many 'Whites' actually enjoy 'White privilege' in America. Many immigrants from Europe (Scots/Irish and Germans mostly) came here to escape the predations and religious discrimination of the monarchies and find a better life only to find that, due to the European-monarchy imported slaves from Africa, there were few manual labor-type jobs available - especially in the southern states, resulting in thousands of White people having to settle in the infamous Appalachians attempting to scratch out a living in those poor, rocky soils and, after the coal mines opened, going to work in those mines - often as young as eight years of age, many of their descendants still there today, still working in the mines, still trying to live off the soil. Do they owe 'reparations'?
The thousands of Irish who settled in the New England area were often treated like lepers and sub-humans, herded into ghettos and denied decent jobs for decades but somehow managed to survive and thrive, probably because of their "White privilege"! Do their descendants owe 'reparations'?
One suspects that "White privilege" is actually nothing more than intelligent people who are willing to work to improve their lives and getting off their haunches and doing it!
Attempting to hold people accountable for actions that occurred hundreds of years ago by others over whom those living today cannot possibly have authority is, as Mr. Spock of the old TV show "Star Trek" would say, 'illogical'! Actions that are illogical more often than not result in catastrophic failure.

Jack Shelley