Wishful Hidden Treasure?

For those of you who thought Washington would finally get back to governing and undertaking the public's essential business once Special Council Muller's report was finalized, buckle your seatbelts!! The outright refusal by Democrats to accept the legitimate and constitutional outcome of the 2016 presidential election, has morphed into an irrational hysteria of Trump hatred which has spread like a deadly virus to significantly divide our great nation. For over two painstaking years, the Democrats have been ringing their hands and confidently expecting Special Council Muller and his henchmen to come up with a boatload of evil and unlawful accounts of President Trump and his associates colluding with Russia to guarantee his win. As a bonus, they were expecting the Special Council would also find damning and illegal accounts of Trump obstructing justice and interfering with the Special Councils investigation. Just like the 2016 election results, in this case the Democrats are not going to accept the Special Council's report of no Trump collusion or obstruction of justice. They needed a silver bullet from Muller to take down this president and overturn the results of the 2016 election. Crushed by the report's unexpected outcome, their Trump hating hysteria demands they waste even more valuable legislative time combing through Muller's report trying to find any shred of information they can blow out of proportion. They are now so invested, they must keep fanning the fire of presidential impeachment and wrong doing all the way to the 2020 presidential election.
This reminds me of the old story when a father took his young son to visit a farm for the first time. The father soon discovered his son in the barn digging feverishly through a nasty and large pile of manure. The startled father shouted to his son, "What in the world are you doing!?" To which his son replied, "There must be a pony in here somewhere!" Sound kind of familiar?
It's now high time for our country to get back on track and the Democrats to stop wasting time looking for the "pony." Unfortunately as long as Democrat voters do nothing and just accept the self-serving and arrogant actions of the "representatives" they put in office, we are going to be a stagnant nation for at least another two years! UGH!!

Dennis Foggy